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About the Owner

 Melissa has always had a love and passion for beautiful sparkly jewelry. After being told that a custom design piece couldn’t be done the way she wanted a friend told her about a small jewelry store called Gabs etc. When she visited the store she meet Rose Ann and was told that they could transform her design into reality. When Melissa asked why the other jewelers said it couldn’t be done Rose told her it was either that they didn’t have the expertise or they didn’t want to take the extra time and effort to complete the project. Not only did the Anniversary Pendant turn out perfect, but a friendship was born. Several years later Melissa started working at the store and learning the jewelry business from Rose. Because she had a sincere interest and desire to become more knowledgeable she earned her GIA certification.  ​

When Rose decided to retire she offered the business to Melissa and Joe. It’s always been a dream of Melissa’s to own her own business and the fact that it is a jewelry business is just the icing on the cake. Nex Generation Jewelry is a local, family owned fine jewelry store that puts service and quality craftsmanship at the forefront of its business practices. Melissa feels that she really doesn’t have customers she has friends and when you walk into the store you are walking into her home. 

Melissa has always had a passion for jewelry and her enthusiasm shows when she sits down to draw up a stunning custom jewelry design or takes your idea and transforms it into a fabulous reality. If you want a custom-made creation like nothing you've ever seen, then Nex Generation Jewelry is your only choice. Whether you have a design in mind for any type of jewelry, or if you'd like us to design something for you, we will work hard to transform all your ideas and specifications into stunning affordable realities. When you need something that far exceeds ordinary, come to Nex Generation Jewelry and let us custom-create unique and imaginative jewelry for you!

Melissa the owner of Nex Generation Jewelry

Melissa the owner of Nex Generation Jewelry